Q. Why should I come to your classes?
A. We offer great value, expert training, and friendly welcoming environment.

Q. How much are classes?
A. We charge as little £25.00 per month for adults fitness classes or you can pay as you go which is £5.00 per class. For children we offer residents of Thurrock 12 classes for only £20.00 per month. The first class is completely free. As a registered charity we run several schemes which may help you to get into sport at very low cost, why not ask us?

Q. Do I need to be very fit or flexible?
A. No to both however you will need a basic level of fitness equating to the ability to get through an hour aerobics class. If you are attending a fitness class for the first time we will try to ease you into fitness.  You can expect some muscle soreness after your first session or two, its normal don’t let it put you off.

Q. I have a medical condition can I still train?
A. In most cases yes however we must be made aware of the condition and how it can affect you and medicine you may need. In some cases doctors fit to exercise letter will be required.

Q. Will I have to fight in the cage?
A. Not unless that is your goal in which case we will help you attain it.

Q. Is it safe?
A. Statistically training martial arts is safer than football but common sense dictates that the competition cage environment carries its own risks. Sparring in practice sessions is done with respect for one another using safety equipment and should always be controlled. We all have to work the next day!

Q. What equipment do I need?
A. A gum shield and a groin guard, rash vest or T shirt and shorts are the minimum to begin with later you will require some gloves wrist wraps, shin guards and a head guard. Initially the class will supply gloves but you will soon want your own personal ones. Bringing bottled water and a towel for when you get sweaty is recommended.

Q. I don’t want to be a cage fighter but I want the experience of training like one?
A. Most people will never fight in the arena but still wish to learn how to defend themselves, build their self-esteem or simple take their fitness to the next level. Please tell us what you want from the class and we will tailor your training to suit.

Be positive; you are going to your first class Congratulations for taking the first step to being a better more confident person and for some of you maybe a champion.

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