Our MMA Style

My background as a trainer goes back a long way I studied traditional Ju-Jitsu as a boy for several years into my early teens where I began to Study Tang Sou Dao with grand master Meng Qwang Loke.


I continued to study with Master Loke until I attained my second degree Black belt at this point in my life I retrained as a professional body guard with the professional bodyguard association learning control and restraint and the kubotan during this time. I took the decision that corporate protection work was very risky due to all of the wars that the UK were involved in and I stopped this line of business. During my time as a close protection officer I really got a taste for Brazilian Ju-jitsu which we would practice regularly I have studied BJJ and Muay Thai ever since.

For several years I taught traditional Tang Sou Dao in the Moberly centre in North London it was apparent to me that my students needed to know more than the traditional stand up traditional style knowing deep down that many fights end up in a scrap on the floor. I was also unable to teach floor work while teaching Tang Sou Dao under the BTSDF which is when I decided to open my own school incorporating all of the skills I had learned over a long period.

So my MMA style is a mix of Muay Thai, BJJ, some military un-armed combat and traditional Tang Sou Dao.

I have taken the approach of teaching only what works eliminating the BS and pomposity associated with many martial arts.

If you really want to learn how to fight we are for you.

We really believe we are the best and that will convert into you becoming the best you can be.

There are many reasons to join an MMA class and most do not involve fighting in the cage although that option is available. For example Most of our members will never fight competitively instead they benefit hugely from what MMA training brings, the list is endless from weight management, confidence, self-defence, improved reactions power, flexibility, fitness and control the list goes on.

Latest News

Danny & Joe Win ISKA Belts
Congratulations to Danny and Joe on winning the ISKA Belts!
October 27, 2015

Reebok Easytone professional Steps Thanks to Escape Fitness
All of us at The Martial Academy would like to say a massive thank you to  our friends at escape fitness. www.escapefitness.com  for donating 20 Reebok professional Easytone  steppers to our organisation.  For those who attend our classes and follow us  please feedback and support our new sponsor Escape. We can promise that these steppers [...]
July 31, 2015

Dave “The Grenade” Gould WINS 70kg K1 God of The Arena
Dave “The Grenade” Gould winner of God of The Arena Southern Area 70kg K1 Title Champion
July 13, 2015

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